Easy Care Houseplants

Easy Care Houseplants


  • Less is better. Sometimes too much care is overwhelming for your plant, and you just have to let Mother Nature do its job. If you live somewhere with a hot, humid environment it can do your plant some good to just put it outside sometimes when you know it’s going to rain. Rain water is miracle water for houseplants!

  • Keep your plant in the same place. Don’t try to move your plant from the bathroom, to your office, to the kitchen too often because plants need to acclimate to their new environments.

  • Unsure about how to properly water your plant? A good soak is always a better option than a light sprinkle of water. You’ll want to let the water soak thru until it goes out thru the drainage holes of your pot. This will ensure that all the roots have gotten a good drink.

  • Thinking about repotting? Hold that thought. Wait to repot until your plant has outgrown it’s current pot and is clearly getting too large for the pot and/or at least two weeks after you’ve gotten it. Plants can experience stress just like we can, so if you just bought a plant we suggest giving it at least two weeks so it can get used to it’s new home.

  • Which fertilizer should you use? Easy care houseplants don't need fertilizer as often as you think. You can even skip using it and your plant will be fine. If you do decide to test out a fertilizer, we suggest doing so during the growing season and using an all-purpose fertilizer (these can be found at any home/garden store).