Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

When holiday season rolls around things can turn not so merry when you're tasked with finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member. We know how tough gift giving can be and we're here to make it easier. Check out 15 perfect gifts for any plant lover! 
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 1.  BWH Branded Stickers: Decorate your laptop, water bottle, suitcase, anything! 

2. BWH Branded Dad Hats: One for him, one for her, one for everyone! 

3. Nook Theory Macrame: Great for apartments that don't have much floor space or if you have pets who love to eat your plants.

4. Garden Scoop: Bring luxury to your garden with this scooper. Great for any size plant and pot 

5. BWH Monstera Pocket Tee: Available in three different colors, this classic t-shirt is great for anybody who wears clothes

6. Garden Scissors: Throw your office scissors in the desk and use these sleek, wooden scissors to cut those leaves for propagating 

7. Plant Nutrient: Plants eat too! Choose Bloom for those flowering plants and Grow for the trailing ones. Use a little bit of both and watch how your plants thrive

8. 4.5" Gemstone Cylinder Pot: Time to hide the nursery pots! Purchase these 4.5 inch ceramic pots with a drainage hole and saucer for a clean watering process 

9. Houseplant Care Cards: Know someone new to the plant life? Gift them these care cards to help them learn more about houseplants and how to care for them. 

10. Mossify Humidifier: Create a humid environment with this easy to use humidifier. Best part is, the mist is automatic so no need for your hand to cramp.

11. Instant Plant Food: Feeding your plants just got easier! Just drop a tablet in a watering can or glass of water, let the tablet dissolve, and feed your plants with the solution.

12. 3" Stamped Clay Pots: Make someone laugh with our punny clay pots

13. Moisture Meter: If you are that person who doesn't understand why your plants keep dying, this is essential for you! Check how moist your soil is so you never under or over water again

14. BWH Logo Trucker Hat: Dad hats not your thing? No worries! We have trucker hats for you 

15. More Plants Please Tote: Be eco friendly with this multipurpose tote bag. From plant shopping to the grocery store, we promise this will be your new go to bag. 

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