3" Monstera Thai Constellation

Monstera Thai Constellation Plant Care

We have been growing hundreds of these tropical plants in our greenhouse and are excited to offer our newest arrival, Monstera Thai Constellation. Read more to learn how to care for Thai Constellation at home.

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Monstera Thai Constellation

Are you looking for an out of this world plant to fill your home? If so, then the Monstera Thai Constellation might be just what you need! With its unique foliage, heart-shaped leaves and easy-care requirements, it’s become one of the most popular houseplants among the plant community.

In this blog post we'll cover essential plant tips required for providing optimal care, so by the end of reading this, you'll feel confident in nurturing these plants like an expert!

Plant care

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Bright, Indirect


Keep in a bright spot. Make sure it is not near an air vent or too close to a window. Since these plants like to face the sun, you may want to rotate often for a full plant.


If you keep your Thai Constellation outside, be sure it is in shade but still recives bright, indirect light. In nature, these plants grow from the jungle floor and climb up trees, typically receiving dappled sunlight.


If lighting in your space is limited, we recommend using a grow light to help your monstera thrive! Be sure the lightbulb at least 12 inches away to avoid burning the leaves. Common signs of under-lighting are slow growth rate and long petioles.

watering schedule

Semi Dry Out

Monstera Thai Constellations like to semi-dry out between watering. That means when the soil is almost completely dry, give your plant a good watering. Signs of overwatering are yellow/browning leaves and signs of underwatering are furled leaves. You may also see droplets coming from your Thai Constellation, but don't worry, that is just your plants guttation, the scientific process of dew.

Care Tips


High humidity! If your humidity is low, try using a humidifier to increase moisture in the air. If you do not have a humidifier, try creating a pebble tray!


All Thai Constellations are from tissue culture, so you will start to see fenestrated leaves in about less than 1 year. They love to climb, so using a coconut totem pole will help prevent it from falling over.


Thai Constellations pair best with chunky well-aerated soil. Try our Dirtbag for best results!


Keep away from small children and pets!

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