Pet Friendly Plants For Your Home

Pet Friendly Plants For Your Home

Having pets in the house can be so much fun, but it also means having to think about how your beloved animal friends could interact with any plants you bring into the home. There are lots of beautiful plants that can liven up any living space without having to worry about toxins and other pet related issues. In this blog post, we'll be taking a dive into the world of pet friendly plants so you can pick out just what's right for your home!

Non-toxic plants for pets

Safe Plants For Pets

Want to make your home a pet-friendly paradise? Look no further than our top picks for furry friend approved plants! We'll give you the scoop on adding plants to your home - all while remaining safe for animals.

What Makes Plants Toxic?

Plants contain various compounds, including alkaloids to glycosides, proteins and amino acids that create substances responsible for creating a dangerous chemical makeup that can irritate or harm your pet. Anything from the roots to stems to leaves, be sure to keep toxic plants away from eager pets. As for pet friendly plants, they can still cause some irritation, but nothing too harmful. Nontoxic plants can still be vibrant, colorful, and have textures leaves that will boast any room in your home. Keep on reading to start your pet friendly indoor jungle!

Decorate Your Home With Pet Friendly Plants


Find the right plant

First, identify which genus plants are non-toxic to pets. Some are toxic and some irritate the mouth. For more information about toxic plants, read the ASPCA list of pet friendly plants here!

Home is where the plants are

Add Green To Your Home!

Overall, there are many unique plants to choose from that will make your home look beautiful and that are safe for your pet. Going forward, research any new plants before bringing them into your home, and try to keep them out of reach of your curious furry friend. Now that you know the basics, have fun exploring houseplants that best suit you and your pet!