Find Your Soilmate: The plant for your Zodiac sign

Find Your Soilmate: The plant for your Zodiac sign

Astrology and plants? We’ve put together a list of the best plants that align with your zodiac sign. Read more here to see which plant complements you! 

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What plant are you based on your zodiac sign?

Once in a while, we take our heads out of the dirt and look into the sky. Based on your zodiac sign, we have created a blog to let you know which plant resonates with you the most. Read more about what plant you are!

variegated hoya compacta


The most unique of the bunch, Aquarius deserves something a little other-worldly to match their vibe. A variegated Hoya Compacta is just the right amount of weird, and still as easy going as this chill air sign.

Euphorbia Marble


Fiery, and independent, the Aries in your life needs a plant that follows suit. The Euphorbia Marble is bold and low-maintenance, and just a little aggressive.

Philodendron Silver Sword


Dreamy and ethereal, Pisces is a sensitive but wise individual. With its silvery blue-green foliage, the Philodendron Silver Sword is as laid back as this water sign, but with all of the uniqueness, a Pisces deserves.

Money Tree


Don't be fooled by their laid-back nature, Taurus still enjoys the finer things in life. Get them a money tree to invite prosperity, and give their home extra good energy.

Fittonia "Nerve Plant"


Ever-changing and not one to shy away from communication, the Fittonia "Nerve Plant" makes a tongue-in-cheek plant gift for the playful Gemini. Watch them dramatically faint and then perk back up with a little attention (and water).

Calathea fusion white


Sensitive and nurturing, Cancer is well-suited to tuning into the needs of the also sensitive Calathea Fusion White. This water sign is apt to get the moisture humidity, and light levels just right for this painted beauty to flourish.

Monstera Borgiana Albo


For the most charming in the room, only a Monstera Borgiana Albo will do. They are showy, expensive, and everyone wants one, just like a Leo. Treat them well, and they will surely give you a cutting in return.

Ficus Benjamina "El Dorado"


The Ficus Benjamina "El Dorado" is a finicky beauty, thriving when conditions are just right. With their attention to detail and drive for success, Virgos are well-equipped to handle the needs of this picky plant.

Philodendron Pink Princess


Striking the balance of high aesthetics and easy care, the Philodendron Pink Princess is the perfect plant for the ever-trendy Libra. Pair it with a handmade pot for a luxury gift they will love for years.

ZZ Nova Star


Elusive, mysterious, loyal, and dynamic, Scorpio has a reputation for being the darkest personality of the zodiac. There is beauty in that darkness, just like the ZZ 'Nova Star,' whose new leaves come in bright green and darken to near-black with maturity.

Sansevieria "Night Owl"


What's a watering schedule? For the free-spirited Sag who is out late or traveling abroad, stick with a Sansevieria "Night Owl" that they can neglect as they chase their newest whim and fill their passport.

Ficus Lyrata "fiddle-leaf fig"


Determined, hardworking, and just a little stubborn, a Capricorn is up for the challenge of everyone's favorite plant to kill: the fiddle-leaf fig. Given their propensity for success, there is no doubt that theirs will be thriving and shaming ours in no time.

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