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Through the month of December, BWH customers can support Infinite Zion Farms by donating after checkout. Should you choose to make a donation of $5+, you will receive 2x rewards points on your order!

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Infinite Zion Farms

BWH Plant Co has partnered with Infinite Zion Farms this holiday season to bring more awareness towards urban farming, sustainability means, and help close the hunger gap in our local communities.


To provide access to organic produce to our community. Through gardening urban youth are able to experience nature in a way they likely have not before. All ages are encouraged to learn about basic agriculture education, environmental protection and sustainability.


To establish urban farms throughout Central Florida and be an affordable source of organic produce and education to the community. IFZ is working to combat food insecurity and improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables in areas that are underserved and living under the poverty line.

THE Gift of giving

Support Urban Farming!

Your contributions make a huge impact in the day to day operations at Infinite Zion Farms. Through donations, Infinite Zion Farms can provide low-income communities access to affordable organic produce and nutritional education while building economic bridges to minority farmers and minority owned-businesses within the Orlando community.

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