Kokedama Workshop | June 17th 11:30am
Kokedama Workshop | June 17th 11:30am

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Kokedama Workshop | June 17th 11:30am

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Ready to get your DIY on? Come join us for a Kokedama Workshop on June 17th 11:30 am and craft your own hanging plant ball. Create something unique and fun, perfect for adding a splash of greenery to any room!

Discover the art of Kokedama, a Japanese bonsai style that breathes life into a plant's root system, transforming it into a living sculpture wrapped in vibrant moss and string. The result is an enchanting, hanging plant in a "ball of moss" that adds a dash of elegance to any room. With endless possibilities of plant species to choose from, you can explore and experiment various options with us in this class. Are you ready to unleash your creativity with Kokedama? 


WHEN: June 17th 11:30am
WHERE: Jungle Room - 2322 Edgewater Drive Orlando 32804 


This is a hands-on workshop and includes supplies needed to create two kokedamas - trays and accessories can be purchased after the class with a 15% off workshop discount. Plant beginners welcome!