Submit a claim

Grab Your Camera

To submit a claim, we'll need a few photos to visually get onto the same page. This will allow our team to investigate what might have gone wrong and find the best way to resolve the problem.

How to Take a Claims Photo

Full Facing

Remove all packaging materials including paper & plastic wraps and sphagnum moss. Take a forward facing image so both the pot and entire plant can be seen

Close Up

If damage can not be seen from the front facing image, please be sure to include a close up of the concern or damage.

Things To Avoid

❌ Don't wait to submit a claim! As these are live perishable items, all claims must be submitted within 14 days of delivered in order to provide solutions
❌ Do NOT discard or make any alterations to the plant prior to contacting support. Ie repotting, trimming, removing any damaged leaves, etc.
❌ Blurry photos are tough to assess and can prolong the claims process. Please ensure your photos are clear and sent in a JPEG format so our team can quickly help resolve your issue.

Ready To Submit?