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BWH Plant Co delivers high-quality indoor plants directly to your doorstep at an affordable price.

highest quality plants
curated by growers
most affordable pricing
highest quality plants
curated by growers
most affordable pricing
highest quality plants
curated by growers
most affordable pricing

Plant People UNITE


At BWH Plant Co, we pride ourselves on making high-quality, rare indoor plants accessible and affordable, passing the savings directly to YOU.

We ensure exceptional plant quality by cultivating all of our offerings in our greenhouse in Apopka, FL. This environment allows us to maintain optimal growing conditions, ensuring each plant reaches its full potential in health and aesthetics before shipment. Our rigorous quality control processes guarantee that only the best plants are delivered to our customers.

We take pride in delivering five-star customer service, backed by our knowledgeable care team. Our experts are extensively trained in plant care and are committed to providing personalized advice and support to ensure our customers thrive in their gardening endeavors. This commitment is reflected in our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

Our direct-to-consumer model eliminates middlemen, allowing us to pass the savings directly to our customers. We pride ourselves on making high-quality, rare indoor plants accessible to the masses by offering our customers the lowest possible cost. This approach ensures that everyone can enjoy the beauty and benefits of premium plants without the premium price tag.

Industry Innovators

Founded in 2019, BWH Plant Co has established itself as a pioneer in the plant industry, challenging traditional norms by making high-quality, affordable plants easily accessible through a direct-to-consumer model.

The BWH mobile app redefines the garden center experience, providing exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding service directly to your fingertips. Having shipped over 500,000 plants nationwide, BWH’s dedication to quality and affordability is consistently demonstrated with every delivery, all part of its Plant People Promise.

Committed to sustainability and community engagement, the company was recently recognized with the Orlando Inno’s Fire Award in 2024 and received accolades from Die Line for its innovative, sustainable sugar-based packaging.

est 2019

Our story

The story of Bros with Hoes Plant Co, better known as BWH Plant Co, started with a barbecue among friends and a few bottles of our favorite beer. What began as an inside joke and a weekend pastime soon transformed into a mobile plant store, a rolling storefront that brought nature to doorsteps.

Our weekends were often spent at local breweries and markets, joking that our side hustle funded our love for plants and beer. By October 2019, we launched an online store to reach customers everywhere, shipping plants nationwide. Soon, we had our own greenhouse. In 2020, we opened a shared retail space with our pals Freehand Goods. By September 2021, we started the Jungle Room by BWH, our first physical store, bringing our love for greenery to life.

As we grew, we felt our original name, though unforgettable, didn't fully vibe with the inclusive, professional, and passionate ethos that we wanted to convey to our expanding audience. So, we switched gears and leaned into BWH Plant Co, giving a nod to our roots while stepping up our game. 2020 was a wild ride for us and the rest of the world. Homes turned into safe havens, and people found comfort in the quiet company of indoor plants. Our online store was ready, providing a diverse range of tropical houseplants to our customers, who were eager to bring a touch of nature into their homes.

Today, BWH Plant Co is a testament to our community's appreciation for nature. Each plant we send out is a little piece of our joy and passion, delivered straight to your doorstep. We're stoked about building a vibrant, engaged community, one that digs the plant world as much as we do. Through our social channels, we share useful plant care tips, exclusive offers, and exciting updates. We invite our community to let their foliage flag fly by sharing their experiences using the hashtag #BWHPlantMail.

We believe every thumb can be green

Come for the plants, stay for the community.