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Dirt On Dirt 101

Dirt On Dirt 101

In the realm of plant care, the ingredients in your potting media play a crucial role in the health of your greenery. Let’s dive into some common amendments, why we use them in our greenhouse, and how each element contributes to the well-being of your thriving indoor garden.

Peat Moss & Coconut Coir

Peat moss and coconut coir act as the base of many potting mixes! Their water-retentive properties make them great additions to a mix for a variety of houseplants. Both also provide great aeration which is essential for root health.

Perlite & Vermiculite

The dynamic duo of potting amendments! These lightweight minerals contribute to the mixes structure, improving drainage and aeration. Perlite, with its airy texture, prevents compaction and aids in drainage, allowing your roots to breathe. On the other hand, vermiculite absorbs and retains water, ensuring that your plants have access to moisture during drier periods.

Pine Bark Fines

The secret ingredient for texture and structure! This organic amendment not only enhances aeration but also adds a unique texture to our signature blend, Dirt Bag. Its ability to break down slowly provides long-term benefits, promoting a healthy microbial environment and supporting the longevity of your plant in its potted habitat.


A purifying element! Charcoal acts as a natural filter, absorbing impurities and preventing odors. By purifying the soil, it creates a clean and healthy environment for your plant’s roots.