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Media Propagation 101

Media Propagation 101

Identifying and Cutting from a Node

Propagation starts with the node, a critical point on the plant where growth occurs. It's essential to find this node as it's where new leaves, stems, or flowers will emerge. To propagate, make your cut just below a node. Ensure the stem or leaf you're cutting is healthy and firm to increase your success chances. Avoid cutting from browning or limp parts of the plant.

Callousing Your Cuttings

Before you rush to propagate, pause. Let the cutting sit out for a few hours to callous. This step is vital because calloused cuttings are less prone to dehydration and tend to root faster.

Choosing the Right Container

For the propagation process, opt for clear cups or jars. Transparency is key as it allows you to monitor root growth and keep an eye on the moisture level without disturbing the cutting.

Rooting Your Cutting

Rooting times can vary; typically, it takes about 3-4 weeks for roots to emerge, though some plants may need longer. You'll know it's time to move your cutting to soil when the roots are about 1-2 inches long. Allowing the roots to develop well before transplanting enhances the likelihood of a successful transition to soil.

DIY Media Propagation

A potting media like moss or perlite can increase your chances for success by tapping into the nurturing properties of these natural materials, especially for tough growers like Hoyas and Monsteras.

You’ll need: a cutting + your choice of media + a container + diligence

Trim your cutting away from the parent plant, ensuring you’re left with at least 1-3 nodes. Fill your container with a medium like moss or perlite and ensure it’s evenly damp. Insert your cuttings into the vessel - be sure the nodes are making contact for optimal rooting and monitor the moisture closely.

Pro-tip: Opt for a container that closes and create a prop box! This creates a microclimate and keeps your media from drying out while promoting a boost of humidity.

Once you see strong roots about a few inches long, remove the cuttings from your medium, careful to not damage the delicate roots as you remove any excess. Choose a well-sized pot with well-draining soil and water them regularly to help the acclimation to soil.